"Freedom Leela"

We entered this beautiful space with reverence. Removed our shoes, washed and dried the hands, placed our face masks and journeyed into a quiet place where tradition, culture, religion and spirituality all intertwined. Enjoy the vast variety of products from Punjab, some rooted centuries back others more modern and new. Multi colours, visuals, textures and sounds will take you to Punjab and beyond. Purchased a couple of Rubia Voile Dastaar Turbans. They have an extensive colour selection, great quality and competitive rates. Make a journey to this hidden gem when you travel to Greater Toronto area next. Humbly F and L

 "Gurbhagat Singh Aulakh"

The best cultural store. They have a diverse collection ranging from Turbans and Rumala Sahibs to books and scripts. A must visit.

"Manmeet Kaur"

It’s is an amazing place. People who work there are very humble and helpful. Highly Recommend to visit. Thank you Customer from Montreal

"Varinder Singh"

I have always loved reading our punjabi literature and history but it was difficult to find good books at good price in Canada. I love Sikh Virasat as they have all the books and that too at the genuine price. Their prices are so good that some books even start from $1 which is unbelievably low. The veerji at the store is always so humble & welcoming .Secondly they also carry a wide variety of dastars, kakars and other sikh artifacts.

"Harjot Singh"

Very authentic and also qualitative items,they have all collection that is essential for sikhs like turbans ,kakakaars,sikh history books ,photos of sikh Guruji ,even the pure iron and steel utensils etc ,I got everyt I needed ,great location and also very genuine prices,Waheguru ji mehr krn veerji huna te 

 "Rupinder Kaur"

An excellent resource for anything Sikhi-related! They sell amazing artwork, books and reference materials, and have a lot of Dastar/Patka options to choose from.

"Prasad Badkas"

WGK WGF. Visited today and had an amazing experience. Very unique experience to remove your shoes and washing the hands before actually entering the shop. The quality and extent of religious artifacts is awesome. The gentleman helped me to select right size karra as well as other items. Overall a great experience and unique visit. Highly recommended.

 "Bobby Singh Bhullar"

Uplifting, costumers oriented service, knowledgeable personel and pleasant atmosphere.